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Meet a real life T-Rex ! Get ready to travel back in time with a real walking growling T-Rex the Dinosaur that was truly feared by all. Our live dinosaur show is for people of all ages, with stunningly realistic animatronic puppetry to bring you a dinosaur encounter like no other. This show can be performed anywhere with enough room for our baby T-Rex to roam. Alone with the show we will bring a selection of life like dinosaur models eg. Stegosaurus, Apatosurus, Triceratops, T-Rex, Allosurus as well as dinosaur bones and eggs. We will be with you for 2 hours. The 1st hour would be the dinosaur presentation as above and then there will be a half hour break whilst we get into the walking Dinosaur and the children could have their food or whatever then the last half hour would be with the walking T-Rex. We can tailor to clients specific requirements if needed. Contact us for more details.

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